Network Configuration

A network can be configured by passing a "blueprint" argument to the create command. A Blueprint file for a network with the defaults set might look like:

  legacy_network_size_bits: 16
  allowed_private_cidr: ""

The legacy_network_size_bits option only matters for the AWS provider, since GCE lets you creates subnets directly without a top level network, but AWS does not. That option tells AWS to create a top level network (VPC) of size 16, which will mean that the network has 2^16 unique IP addresses in it. Note that everything is currently still using IPv4.

The allowed_private_cidr is useful if you might peer networks and don't want the private ranges to overlap. For AWS you must set this on the network creation call, but since GCE doesn't allocate any networks until subnetworks are created you must set this block in the service blueprint for GCE to honor your allowed ranges.